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If you were to have a legal problem, would you know who to call? Would you have to spend time looking into the history and reviews of several attorneys before you could get to work resolving the legal issue you are facing? I watched as my sister went through some issues and didn't have a lawyer that she could call immediately. I learned an important lesson from that situation. If you don't have a lawyer that you can call if you need one, now is the time to start looking into your options. My blog will show you what to look for in a general attorney.

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3 Reasons Not To Apply For Payments For A Disability Caused At Work Without Legal Assistance

If you suffer an injury that makes it challenging to work for some time, you might have challenges supporting yourself and your family. In addition, you might incur huge medical bills that require financial assistance to settle them. In such instances, filing for workers' comp benefits might be your lifeline. Unfortunately, you might fail to get your rightful payments or get any benefits if you make mistakes when filing. This is why you should not attempt to apply for payments for your disability without legal assistance. Note if you do, you might make the following mistakes that make you fail to get your rightful payment.

You Might Make Filing Errors

One of the most complex tasks of applying for workers' comp benefits is filling out the paperwork. In this process, you must fill out numerous documents, which can be complicated and confusing. Nevertheless, you have to provide accurate and sufficient information. If you don't, you might get a denial when you render your application. Therefore, you should hire a lawyer to guide you through filing. This is because they will ensure that your paperwork is in order and that you provide all the necessary information to ensure your application goes through.

You Might Miss the Filing Deadline

There are deadlines for seeking payments after suffering harm at work. If you miss it, you might not be able to get payments regardless of the severity of your injuries. Therefore, you need to act quickly when you suffer an injury at work. To do this, start by contacting a civil law attorney so that they can tell you the measures to take to prevent delays in the application process. Your attorney will also start working on your case immediately to ensure that your claim is ready by the filing deadline.

You Might Get an Unfavorable Outcome

Many companies and insurance companies hire legal advisors to defend them when workers file workers comp claims. The legal teams' primary objective is to identify strategies their clients can use to pay less or deny claims. There is also a possibility that your employer and their insurer will have legal representatives. Therefore, it is advisable to enlist the services of an attorney when seeking payments for your injuries. They will know the strategies to counter the insurance company's tactics to ensure you get your rightful payment.

If you were contemplating pursuing a workers' comp claim on your own, you have three reasons not to do it. Note that one of the biggest reasons for not attempting the process yourself is that you can mess up your claim, making you fail to get benefits. However, if you work with a civil law attorney, they will ensure that you don't make any mistakes that might make you fail to get the payments you deserve.