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If you were to have a legal problem, would you know who to call? Would you have to spend time looking into the history and reviews of several attorneys before you could get to work resolving the legal issue you are facing? I watched as my sister went through some issues and didn't have a lawyer that she could call immediately. I learned an important lesson from that situation. If you don't have a lawyer that you can call if you need one, now is the time to start looking into your options. My blog will show you what to look for in a general attorney.

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Three Key Roles Of Coal Mining Attorneys

The coal mining industry contributes to the economy due to the use of coal in energy production. Coal produces heat that converts water to steam which people use in rotating turbines to generate electricity. However, the use of coal leads to several environmental risks, such as fires, land subsidence, and air pollution. Coal mining also poses multiple health risks to the miners, such as respiratory complications from inhaling coal dust and hearing loss from prolonged exposure to loud noise. Coal mining companies are legally required to take the appropriate steps to reduce these impacts on their employees. Thus, employees injured while mining can seek compensation by filing a personal injury claim. They must hire a coal miner attorney who will lead the proceedings and ensure the employees are compensated. Here are three key roles of coal mining attorneys:

They Ensure One Receives a Fair Compensation 

The employees who suffer injuries and health complications from coal mining should be compensated. However, most employees cannot calculate damages incurred, thus needing assistance from qualified professionals. As a result, you should hire a coal miner attorney to negotiate the compensation on your behalf. These attorneys are experienced negotiators and will ensure that you receive a fair amount. Coal miners should consult these experienced lawyers to ensure their employer compensates them for their injuries.

They Will Expedite the Procedure

Hiring a coal miner attorney expedites the compensation process. Obtaining compensation after a coal mining accident is an arduous process. Legal representation from a competent attorney shortens the process since they understand the procedures involved. They ensure that their clients are prepared with the essential evidence, expert testimony, and the required documents, thus avoiding procedural delays. Moreover, these lawyers have experience in personal injury claims and know the steps required to avoid technicalities. Thus, those with personal injury claims should consult a coal miner attorney to ensure their compensation claim is expedited.

They Help in Pursuing Third-Party Claims

Another key role of a coal miner attorney is helping clients pursue third-party claims. In some cases, third parties may contribute to a coal mining injury. For instance, some coal miners usually develop respiratory illnesses because of a faulty protective face mask. Miners can also experience hearing problems because of dysfunctional earplugs. These miners can seek compensation from these third parties for any harm incurred. However, establishing the link between a manufacturer's product and the injury requires legal knowledge that most people lack. Thus, people should consult an experienced attorney for professional assistance in suing third parties involved in a coal accident.