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Common Injuries Faced By Truck Drivers

Truck driving is a dangerous job and you need to confirm that your employer has workers insurance coverage before driving for them. Here are some of the common injuries associated with truck driving:

Heavy Lifting

Truck drivers don't just drive trucks; they have varied duties that include helping out with loading and unloading of their cargo. Unfortunately, lifting or carrying heavy things is not a learned skill, and most drivers don't have it. This means they may not know that they need to spread their legs or bend at the knees when lifting heavy items. The poor lifting of heavy items can lead to various injuries such as back pain and twisted/sprained ankles.

Poor Posture

Poor posture can lead to musculoskeletal injuries, especially if maintained for prolonged periods. There are several ways in which truck drivers have to deal with poor posture every day. For example, they have to sit for long periods of time, and truck driver seats aren't exactly ergonomic. Even the sleeping quarters are cramped and not very comfortable, so the drivers have to sleep on their sides in uncomfortable positions for long. In the end, many drivers develop muscle pain that only worsen with time.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling is also a constant threat to truck drivers. They may slip and fall while loading or unloading cargo, getting on or off the truck or when inspecting their trucks. For example, unloading cargo in a poorly lit or maintained yard can easily lead to a slip and fall accident. Joint sprains, fractures, cuts, and lacerations are some of the injuries that result from such accidents.

Repetitive Motion

Performing the same motions over and over again can stress your muscles and trigger repetitive motion disorder (RMD). Commonly affected joints include the wrist joints, elbows, shoulders, and neck, among others. Since truck drivers basically do the same thing every day, it isn't surprising that they tend to suffer RMD.

Truck Accidents

Everyone who has to be on the road every day has a high risk of getting injured in a road accident, and truck drivers are no exception. In fact, truck accidents are the leading causes of truck driver death. As you know, truck accidents can lead to all manner of injuries.

Hopefully, you won't get any serious injuries in the course of your truck driving job. If you do get injured, however, let a worker's compensation lawyer help you get the maximum possible compensation from workers compensation insurance. Legal practices like Law Office of Joel A. Santos can help you to find justice.