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3 Defenses A Reckless Driving Attorney Can Use If You Were Charged With It

If you were excessively speeding and have now been charged with reckless driving or another major traffic violation, then how you choose to proceed is very important for your future.

For example, if you opt to plead guilty, then you may end up with some jail time or a large fine, and the conviction could go on to affect your life in a variety of unforeseen ways for years into the future. 

Alternatively, if you hire a reckless driving attorney who is able to prove to the court that you aren't guilty of the infraction, then the only negative effects on your life are some legal bills and time spent in court. 

The latter is often the best way to go because it protects your future self from the harm of mistakes in your past. In addition, it will also potentially protect your driving privileges, insurance premium costs, and other aspects of driving that a reckless driving charge can affect. 

If you choose to hire a reckless driving attorney to fight your charge, then there are five defenses they can use, including:

Defense #1: You Weren't Driving the Car

While it might seem like a given that you were driving the car, the prosecution needs to prove it when you go to court. If you were traveling alone in your car and the officer was wearing a camera, then you can't successfully use this defense. However, if you were traveling in a group and there weren't any cameras present, this can be a very valid defense.

Defense #2: Your Car's Speedometer Wasn't Correctly Calibrated

If your car's speedometer didn't work or wasn't accurate on the day you were charged with reckless driving, then you may be able to use this as a valid defense in court. Take your car to a mechanic and have the speedometer calibrated, and make sure you obtain paperwork showing how far it was off. If the speedometer was far enough off from an accurate reading, the judge may dismiss your case since you have now fixed the problem.

Defense #3: You Were Speeding Out of Necessity

Lastly, if you were speeding and driving recklessly for a valid reason, then this is also a reasonable defense. For example, if your child is bleeding in the local emergency room and you are trying to get there to authorize treatment, or if the woman sitting in your passenger seat is eminently going to give birth, this could be a viable reason to speed. While following speed laws is important for everyone's safety, there are some exceptions made in the case of necessity. An attorney, like those at Tolbert & Tolbert, LLP, can tell you more.